Casey Giovinco


The Male Mysteries for Gay Men, Straight Men, and You


Casey Giovinco is the Chief Elder of Gala Witchcraft, a coven-based, initiatory tradition of Witchcraft for Gay and Bisexual men. In his professional life, Casey helps people integrate spiritual, mental, and physical health as a RYT 200 yoga teacher, a certified consulting hypnotist, and a philosophical consultant. As a philosophical consultant, Casey helps witches and non-witches alike to achieve lasting success in their lives. By combining the skills that he developed as an academic philosopher with the wisdom of the Western Mystery Traditions, Casey provides a unique approach to problem solving that helps modern Pagan people to achieve lasting success in their lives.


Christine LaPlante



Singing Through Sex – Part 1

One of Christine’s most popular and sought after classes, Singing Through Sex is both lecture and experiential.
The first part of this workshop is a lecture/discussion and will introduce concepts of mind and body orientation, oxygen and hydration, movement, vocal influence on the Vagus nerve, the enteric brain and serotonin production as well as how the voice can enhance sexual stimulation and emotional connection with self and others


Singing Through Sex-Part 2

The second part of this workshop IS experiential. While it is okay to passively participate, you will be encouraged to be present in a safe and sacred space in which to explore your voice and bodies as well as those of your partner(s).  Sensual and sexual touch will be encouraged. The result is a creation of beautiful harmonies with the energy of voice as well as body.

Come solo or partnered. There is space for every body and every relationship configuration.  This is a hands-on, clothes off, solo or partnered, workshop and may elicit emotional, as well as physical, release.  Bring something to lie on and whatever else will make you physically comfortable.  Please bring lubricants, condoms and whatever other sexual enhancement items you are called to.

Sacred, Not Secret: An Integrated Approach to Sexual (R)Evolution
Part 1 – Root through Heart
Based on Christine’s recently published book of the same name, this class will about Sexual Development and Healing by combining Eastern (Chakra) and Western (Erikson’s Stages of Development) philosophies of human development.  With focus on sexual health from a trauma-informed perspective, this workshop will inspire you to delve deeper into your sexual maturation for enhanced connection with yourself.  We invite you to explore your inner dialogue about your experiences and challenges.  There will be copies of Christine’s book available for purchase.  This is part 1 and will discuss development from the Root through the Heart Chakras.

Sacred, Not Secret: An Integrated Approach to Sexual (R)Evolution
Part 2 – Heart Through Crown
Based on Christine’s recently published book of the same name, this class will present information and encourage dialogue about Sexual Development and Healing by combining Eastern (Chakra) and Western (Erikson’s Stages of Development) philosophies of human development.  With focus on sexual health from a trauma-informed perspective, this workshop will inspire you to delve deeper into your sexual maturation for enhanced connection with yourself.  We will continue to explore your inner dialogue about your experiences and challenges.  This is part 2 and will discuss development from the Heart through the Crown Chakras.  There will be copies of Christine’s book available for purchase.  While it is recommended you attend Part 1, it is certainly NOT required in order to attend Part 2.


Emrys Morgan


Hitting them Softly.

Your Sub Loves the lashing of a flogger or the Sting of a Cane or Single Tail? This Class will show tips and tricks for switching thing up as You pummel them gently with Pillows, Feathers, Silk Scarves Stuffed Animals, and Damp Sponges. Tease them, frustrate them Make Them want more.

Aftercare its for Everyone.

What is in your Aftercare kit? What is Sub Drop?, and how to deal with or prevent it. We will discuss the Physical and emotional care of Sub and Doms, and how to recognize when you Need aftercare for yourself.

Self Care

Strategies for dealing with Abuse and past Trauma and how to try and turn them into a positive way towards self growth

Firesong (Cat McGowan Taylor)


Adventures in Gardening for Pollinators

The insects and birds who pollinate our plants are being threatened from a loss of habitat. In this workshop, we will learn how to turn our gardens, however large or small, into friendly places for bees, butterflies, and other creatures who help the cycles of the plants.  We will discuss different plants for various pollinators, as well as soil and light requirements and how to work with the space you have to make a home for them.  Photos shown and handouts will be provided.  Notepaper helpful.  Donations for handouts appreciated.

Herbal Spa


Treat yourself by learning how to make spa items such as facial steams, herbal scrubs, bath fizzies, and lotions. We will also discuss some herbs that are beneficial for various topical and aromatherapy applications.  There will be a chance to create some luxurious herbal creations.  Recipe handouts also provided.



Grandmother Elspeth


The Feminine Divine


For many thousands of years projective attributes have been the norm: patriarchy has ruled the world. However, the Goddess has always been there, influencing, whether acknowledged or not. These female/receptive beings are still available as Guides and Mentors in today’s confusing world.

How Shall We Shape The Future


Around us there are fewer song birds, more violent weather – fewer bees, more shootings – hungry, desperate people trying to find a life – a government bent on creating a nation of wage slaves – a culture based on waste and greed – the list goes on. And what are we, individually and collectively, to do? How are we to participate in this kind of world? How shall we live in this mad, bad, sad world?

Trickster Tales


There is a Trickster figure in every Pantheon (at least one!). He/she may manifest as Fool or Wise One, either or both in sequence.  What relationship do we have with this ever-changing, wise or foolish, divine or semi/divine being? Are these myths still pertinent in our world?  If so, what for?




Helen Patskyn

Introduction to Shamanic Journey Work

Nearly every native culture in the world practices—or has practiced in the past—something that we would call “Shamanism.” At its most basic level, Shamanism teaches us how to connect with the spirits of the Earth and with our ancestors. In this brief, introductory class, we will discuss what Shamanism is and learn and practice some basic techniques for connecting to the spirit world through meditation, journeywork, and drumming. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, and blindfold if you’re inclined.

The Maiden and the Mead – a ritual of initiation and self-actualization

The theme of a Maiden or priestess offering a cup of precious mead is a thread that runs throughout Norse myth. This mead is Poetry, it is Spirit. To consume it brings us to the Great Mysteries of the Goddess. In this ritual, we will be asking the aid of Freya, who in Her many guises may be the original initiator, to aid us in awakening our Spirits and finding our own Inner Truths.

Sacrifice and the Northern Creation Myth

In the beginning there was a World of Icy Fog, a World of Fire, and between them, a great “Yawning Gap” of nothingness. There, Ice and Fire collided and formed the Giant Ymir who was subsequently slain and dismembered so that the rest of the Universe could be created. This is a story of creation, destruction, and ultimately sacrifice – a story that we will explore in discussion and celebrate in ritual.


Hillyote (Hillary Gross)


Stealing Fire


Why are tricksters necessary? Variations on the trickster have been found all around the world and throughout time, from the crazy wisdom of the Buddha to the antics of Coyote to the blockbuster sensation of Loki.  How can agents of amorality (or immorality) teach us to be contributing members to society?  Can assuming a trickster point of view truly explain why bad things happen to good people?  (Hint:  Define “bad” and “good” and see how far you get


Spiritual Self Care


We all (hopefully) learn dental hygiene and personal hygiene, but spiritual hygiene is often neglected. We’re taught about grounding, shielding, and centering in Woo 101, but how many of us apply that regularly?  In this class, we’ll discuss techniques to help build a regular spiritual hygiene practice to improve your spiritual self-care.  We’ll also review two techniques from Tibetan Bon shamanism to aid with renewing spiritual energy and protecting our energetic selves from daily wear and tea.


Hugh Eckert and Sundance Metelsky


Paying the Rents- A Ritual for Manannán mac Lir


Manannán mac Lir is a sea god most honored in Ireland and the Isle of Man; ‘Mac Lir’ means “son of the sea”. As well as being a sea god, He is a
psychopomp and a gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannán has strong ties to the Isle of Man, and at Midsummer, the Manx people offer bundles of reeds, meadow grasses
and yellow flowers to Him in a ritual “paying of the rent,” accompanied with prayers for His aid and protection in fishing. We will gather at the lake and
connect with each other and with Him. We’ll sing for Manannán and make offerings of reeds, grasses and flowers. We will ask for His protection and thank Him for His gifts.
If you wish, you may bring your own biodegradable offerings


Jaqui Mac-


Drum For Joy 1


“If you can say it, you can play it!” This is the foundation for the Drum For Joy! class. In this class, you will learn the language of the drum, basic hand drum technique and how to make your drum sing. Jaqui presents the drum songs in a way that make it fun and easy to learn. By building and playing drum compositions in all of their parts, (rhythms, breaks, solos, and vocals), you will experience the magic of music making and the joy of drumming in a group! All levels of experience are welcome. From the beginning beginner to the experienced player, the Drum For Joy! classes are enjoyable for everyone! Recording and note taking are welcome and encouraged



Drum For Joy 2


Take your drumming to the next level! In this class you will learn exercises to help improve your drum technique and really make your drum sing out. We will work on rolls, complex phrases, and how to use space to make your solos more interesting. Each participant will have a chance to practice using these new techniques by soloing over a solid rhythm held by the group. Learn to breathe, relax, and take that leap to fly with your solos! There are no mistakes!



Joshua Tenpenny


Morning Yoga


Part 1, Gentle Warmup: Have you been sleeping on the ground, or on a tiny cot? Then greet the new day with some gentle stretches, to get your body and your energy moving. No experience with yoga is needed. The class is appropriate for nearly all fitness levels, and can be done standing, seated in a chair, or sitting/laying on the ground, whichever you prefer. (You might want to bring a mat or small blanket if you are on the ground.) Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. We’ll start with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20 minutes of gentle movement and stretching, and we will end with a short meditation.


Part 2, Energizing: Join us for a short but vigorous practice of the yoga “Sun Salutation,” combined with other standing poses, for strength and flexibility. A variety of options will be presented for different fitness levels—including some challenging ones—but at a minimum, the class will involve getting up and down from an all-fours position. We will begin with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20 minutes of Sun Salutations, and we will finish with breathing exercises. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, and either bare feet or grippy, flexible shoes.


Join us for either part of this class or both, but be aware that if you’re just coming for part 2, you’ll need to be warmed up and ready to jump right in.



Kat Stayduhar (Carla Stayduhar)


The Basics – Grounding, Centering and Shielding


The terms, grounding, centering, and shielding are used in many Pagan paths. Too often we forget that not everyone is familiar with these terms. This workshop is designed to explain these terms and teach at least one method of grounding, centering and shielding.

Introduction to Wiccan Ritual


Ever wonder what those things on the altar are and what they represent? This class will discuss a basic Wiccan altar set up as well as discuss a basic ritual, what is done, why and what participants can do to participate. We will be doing a very simple, basic ritual as part of the class


Klytus (Jay Carrington)


Energy Works I – Grounding and Shielding

I personally consider Grounding and Shielding to be the foundational skills for anyone and everyone who works with energy. Grounding is a technique where we form an energetic link with Mother Earth, Herself, to help us cleanse, purify, and strengthen our personal energies. Shielding is a technique for keeping external energies out of our own energy. When it comes to working with energy, keeping your own energy as clear of external “contamination” as possible is critical, which makes these skills very important. For as simple as these concepts may sound, not all people know how to ground well, and even a number of seasoned energy workers are not skilled with building and maintaining good shields. This workshop offers tips, guidance, and practical exercises for beginners and experts alike.

Energy Works II – The Basics and Ethics

Another introductory level class, this workshop offers a general overview of what we mean when we talk about “energy work”. We will learn how to sense,  move, and manipulate energy. Once you have an understanding on working with your own energy, we will step into sensing, moving, and manipulating the energy of others. We will also discuss the very important issue of ethics when doing energy work with, for, and on, other people. Otherwise, the work we intend to do might not simply fail, but have effects beyond even the most noble of intentions.

Energy Works III – Putting Energy to Work

In this intermediate-level class, we get into the nitty-gritty of actually “doing things” with energy. This workshop for those who have either taken my first two classes, and/or already have a solid understanding of the basics of energy work. We will not only discuss some of the applications for more advanced energy work, but techniques for doing them.  The topics we will try to touch on are: building wards; empowering spells and rituals; cleansing and programming crystals; tapping outside energy sources; and energy constructs. There is one topic we will *not* get into, as that is reserved for its own workshop…

Energy Works IV – Energy Healing

This is an advanced workshop which covers the use of energy for healing work. Many energy workers are drawn to healing, but there are very real risks when this type of work is not done properly. Once we all have a shared understanding of those risks, we will learn and practice some basic techniques




Luminous Cryptic (Claire Schwartz)


Grief Circle


The Grief Circle has become a mainstay of compassion and community at FSG and I am pleased to hold space for anyone who is in need for any loss. That includes – older losses that are still causing suffering or recent losses that have knocked the wind out of you – Family of Blood or Family of Choice or Family of Non-Humans – other Major Life Changes: diagnoses, job loss, divorce, moving, financial loss, etc etc.
We will be building an altar to honor The Mighty Dead, and send them our love. This can be members of the FSG community (please message me if you would like someone honored from our tribe), Elders who shaped your Path and you admired (Raven Grimassi, Margo Adler, Joseph Campbell, Tolkien perhaps), any family, friends, teachers or creatures who have crossed beyond the veil. Bring pictures or any mementoes you see fit.
This is both a remembrance and a chance for healing advice. We will make a Circle and send them intentions. We will have call-outs to those we think of spontaneously. If anyone is having challenges or triggers regarding a loss, we will have time for those, as well. Both Pagan and Mundane support will be discussed.
As a Certified Professional Coach and Grief Expert, I can address any challenges you may have had or be having in moving forward, dealing with difficult friends/family or conflicting emotions that may arise. My book on the first week of Grief & Loss will also be available. Loss changes you – and Free Spirit is an excellent occasion to get new tools to help you adjust to those changes.
This class may be intense for kids – use your discretion…..

I need setup help to please bring out a six foot table and a semicircle of chairs around it.


Lady Brigid – The Fire in the Head


She is the embodiment of She Who Has Many Names – but who is Brigid really? Her history is filled with variation and mystery. She is a Triple Goddess, of both Fire and Water, a Christian saint, and more. There are so many layers on which to know and work with this powerful and empowering deity – Brighe of the Healers, Brighid of the Forge, Bridget of the Bards – we will touch on and discuss all of them. Imbolc, of course, one of our Eight Sabbats , is dedicated to Brigid and we will address it, as well. And finally, we will survey ways that we can utilize Her wisdom in both Magickal and Mundane ways. If you are new to this goddess or have devoted yourself to her, come join us and share. Bring a comfy chair, a notebook and a willing spirit. Hail Brigid!


Pagan Health Conclave


An open discussion, not a class, on all subjects having to do with Health in the Pagan community – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What are the needs of our community, especially those that are unique to us, and how can we address them?
Deeper description to follow, or message Luminous if you want a particular issue addressed.



Mark The Druid

Astronomy Observing


Come learn about the heavens as Mark the Druid takes you on a tour from our home, the Earth Mother, out into the depths of the universe. An 8 inch telescope will guide us on our journey. We will have a relatively dark sky, as The Moon will be absent at that time. Even if you have joined us before, every year and every night is different!

Three bright planets will be on display this evening! Bright Venus in her twilight glory will be low in the west exhibiting a gibbous phase (early). Jupiter will be in the southern sky, which will allow us to observe his cloud belts, as well the movement of the famous four Galilean moons. In the southeast, we will view Saturn, his rings & some of his larger moons (late after 11:30).  We will exit our solar system, discuss some of the constellations, and their significance.

Further out will be the Ring and Dumbbell Planetary Nebulae, which are the ghosts of stars long passed, and also the Hercules Globular Cluster. Finally, we will gaze millions of light years away to view the famous Whirlpool Galaxy, as well as Bode’s Galaxy. With a clear night, who knows what we might find?


Raven Kaldera


Sacred Meat And Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore

While one’s choice of what food one chooses to eat is – and should be – a personal choice, there are ways of being omnivorous and utilizing the parts of a dead animal that are highly spiritual, and there are Pagan spiritual paths that support them. Let’s talk about the Hunter, John Barleycorn, and the ancestral contract between our species and our food animals, and whether we are still upholding it. Let’s talk about sacrifice – theirs and ours – and how to make honorable and reverential decisions about wielding Death


Consent-Focused Ritual

Consent, and all its nuances, is now being discussed heavily in some areas of the Pagan demographic. How can we make our open group rituals more accessible, and how can we avoid inadvertently running over people’s boundaries? This class will discuss tips for making open rituals better for everyone, including strangers coming in for the first time.



The Way Of Spiritual Service

We serve our loved ones, our communities, and the world in many ways. Up until recently, most Pagan groups have not put much of an emphasis on service, and when they have, people often trip over each others’ expectations and discomfort. Let’s talk about service from a sensible and honest perspective. Why do people serve? What are their motivations? How do we receive service? How do we put a high value on service in the face of a society that devalues it? Come and discuss what you get out of it, how you sustain it, and how it sustains you.



Dealing With Deities: How To Manage A Polytheistic Pantheon

We neo-pagans are as eclectic about our gods as we are about everything else. However, there’s more to the nature of most deities than you can find in the average high-school book of myths. This workshop will explore the experience of connecting with different deities, their intrinsic natures, and how to respectfully deal with them. We’ll cover appropriate offerings, offering places, altars, and rituals for a wide variety of gods and goddesses from many cultural pantheons. We’ll also discuss how to communicate with the gods of foreign places without letting too many of our own cultural biases get in the way….and we’ll explore our favorite little-known gods and goddesses as well


Multicultural Kirtan-Style Chanting for Pagans

Kirtan is a form of Hindu sacred chanting that is call-and-response, usually singing the names and titles of deities until everyone is in a peaceful state. This workshop loosely adapts the format of kirtan for some of our European Pagan Gods. We’ll start with a couple of traditional Hindu kirtans, and then depart from there. Come prepared to do a lot of chanting! Drummers and musicians who are good at impromptu music are also welcome.

Scott Mohnkern


Daily Blót


Come join us to celebrate the morning, and the gods, for a daily Blót. A blót is a Northern European ritual that is offered to a (usually) Northern European god or goddess in celebration of their blessings and their kinship. Come join us as we offer a horn of mead (or ale, or whatever is appropriate) each morning to celebrate the kinship of the god or goddess of the day. Bring your loudest toasting voice. Folks under 21 may attend, but not imbibe; if you’re not imbibing, there are options available, including kissing the horn or libating. As usual, we’ll Blót Thor on Tuesday evening (at the beginning of the Opening Sumbel). (Ritual; Ages 21+) Upper Fire Circle, every morning 9:00




Sumbel is a Norse tradition of rounds of toasts to the gods, our ancestors, and ourselves. It’s a ritual where we not only become closer to our gods, but we also become closer to each other. On Tuesday, come join your fellow attendees, and get to know some of the folks you’ll be spending the rest of the week with. On Saturday, come celebrate your time at this FSG.People under 21 are welcome, but may not partake of the mead. Mead donations gratefully appreciated. (Ritual; Ages 21+)


Sundance Metelsky




Dream drawing is a practice inspired by the work of Carl Jung that can be used in conjunction with dream journaling and other dream work. In a sacred space, we will have the opportunity to explore our dreams by drawing images from them. Two to three people will share a dream or dream fragment with the circle and we will “take on” the dream, drawing images that come forward and sharing them with each other. This workshop is for all levels of artistic abilities — we will draw from the child place within as we listen to our psyches and let the images speak to us. The dream becomes part of the collective in this process. Art materials will be provided and you are also welcome to bring your own, including your dream journal. Bring a dream/dream fragment that you are comfortable sharing in a group. We will pick which dreams will be shared at random. Depending on the size of the group, some participants may not have the opportunity to share their dream, but even the process of considering a dream for drawing can open up the psyche.

12 Step Support Meeting


We are a group of free spirits recovering from various addictions. We share our experience, strength and hope with each other in the context of our spirituality and our chosen path of recovery. Some of us are members of traditional 12 Step groups, some of us practice the Circle Sanctuary 12 Steps, some of us practice the 12 Steps for Pagans Steps, and some of us practice other programs for recovery. We gather in this circle to share about how our spiritual path and our recovery work in our lives. As a spiritually inclusive group, we respect all forms of spirituality. As free spirits, we practice a life-affirming, nature-based spirituality, celebrating the cycle of the seasons and the web of life.


Tom Swiss


Zen Paganism: or, Why Buddha Touched the Earth

Since its beginnings 2,500 years ago, Buddhism has existed with,
borrowed from, and lent to poly- and pan-theistic paths including
Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto, and Bon. It even played a part in the Pagan
revival, via the Theosophical Society and the works of Aleister
Crowley. The same dissatisfaction with mainstream Western spirituality
that has led to the rebirth of Paganism has also resulted in a greater
interest in Buddhism in the West, and many modern Pagans are finding
that Buddhist ideas can lend depth to their practice. We will discuss
some of the history that links the Buddhist and Pagan revivals, and how
the basic tenets of Buddhism (mostly from a Zen perspective) might be
integrated with Neopagan practice.

Discordianism: Crazy Zen For Westerners?

The Discordian movement is currently undergoing a bit of a revivial. It played a key role in Paganism catching fire in the US in the 1960s and 70s; Camden Benares wrote two books about “Discordian Zen”. Perhaps you’ve heard people yelling “Hail Eris!” and “Kallisti!” around the fire. What’s the deal? We’ll discuss the history of the Discordian movement, and discuss excepts from the Principia Discordia and related works.

The Sword that Gives Life

A group discussion of the concepts of the “peaceful warrior” and “the sword that gives life”, and of the martial arts as a path of spiritual development. Facilitated by Kyoshi Tom Swiss, a karate student and teacher of over 30 years experience. Intended for the novice to the master practitioner of both Eastern and Western arts – or even the curious without experience. Please come and share your thoughts.



Thorn Mooney


How to Start and Run (and Not Ruin) a Pagan Group
Have you ever wanted to start your own coven? Or maybe you’ve been looking for an open circle, grove, or study group and just haven’t found one? Join two successful group leaders with different backgrounds as we share tips, tricks, horror stories, and wild successes. Whether you want to take over a coven or just start a book club that survives its first meeting, let us help you get it off the ground! Appropriate for teens and adults.
[Co-taught with Corvus. No supplies or special accommodations required.]

Reconsidering Wicca
Wicca has been around for decades and everyone’s been there, done that, and moved on. Right? As other forms of witchcraft come to the fore, Wicca has not only taken a backseat, but has also developed a reputation for being shallow, weak, stuck in the past, and even socially problematic. But is what you see and hear on social media all there is? In this workshop, we take a second look at Wicca through the lens of 2018. Does Old Gerald’s new religion have anything left to offer a community that’s seen it all? Appropriate for teens and adults.

[No supplies or special accommodations required.]

Your Book of Shadows
Do you have beautiful blank book on your shelf that you’re afraid to write in because you think you might ruin it? Have you never started a personal book of shadows because you want to make sure you get things just right? Do you start a new book every few months because you just can’t commit?  In this class, we reconsider the purpose of a book of shadows. We discuss strategies for inspiring more writing, consistent record keeping, and creativity in your personal magical books. Appropriate for teens and adults.

[No supplies or special accommodations required.]

Reading the Tarot Without Memorizing Shit
Many of us have a tarot deck (or three) stashed on a shelf or under an altar, abandoned because we just couldn’t get the hang of it. With seventy-eight cards (and reversals!), there’s just too much to memorize. The cards don’t speak to us. In this no-frills, hands-on workshop, Thorn gives you a series of strategies for reading the cards—for yourself and for others—without reaching for that little white book. If you have a deck, bring it! If you don’t, we have some to lend! Appropriate for teens and adults.

[No supplies or special accommodations required.]

The Universal Temple of Spirits


Global Spirits Trance Service for the Spirits of Mindfulness


In following with the theme of this year’s festival, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits Mindfulness. So bring out your drums, your ritual finery, and altar items!

We will honor our Spirits with drumming, dance, song, and art. The singing, drumming, and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration.

This is an open circle; you may join late or leave early (although you’ll probably miss some good stuff if you do). An outside grounding/processing space staffed skilled by possession workers will be available. This is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages when possible. Please note that this is not an open drum circle; it is a possession-based working. The more active your participation, the more exciting the service, so… Please bring:

A Spirit you work with (preferred if this Spirit is one you would call for mindfulness)

A song for them, if you have one

A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits.

Altar objects, if you have them.

You may wish to dress in the colors of the Spirit you’ll be honoring. Donations of food, drink, and money for supplies are appreciated, but not mandatory.

The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. The celebrations welcome all Spirits from around the globe. Rituals are theme-based, rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition.  No one is required to partake of alcohol.  Our website is

Wolfsong and Jonny


The Music of Us


Each person has their own music in them, but when that music is combined with the music of others, something unique occurs–and that is ‘The Music of Us.

This workshop invites participants to bring their voices and/or their instruments, whether acoustic or electric, be they guitars, keyboard, wind instruments or percussion.

We start with a riff or rhythm contributed by one of the participants and one by one build on that with each person adding to the music. People may participate in a major fashion or simply clap to add their energy to the mix. It’s very free–if what happens inspires the people to dance–wonderful! If they just want to stomp their feet that’s fine, too! Prior musical experience is not at all mandatory.

We did this at Free Spirit Gathering in the past and it was amazing, but one never knows–the product could be melodious or cacophonous–what whatever happens, it will be the Music of Us–a combination of the consciousness and energies of everyone and a joyous experience!

Age range:  All ages should be fine. Kids are welcome if they have an attention span can participate.