Our young adult program manifested several years ago as the number of young folks graduating out of children’s programming grew.  Too old for the “little kid stuff” but not quite old enough to enjoy or appreciate the regular programming, our tweens and teens needed something just for them.  Lord Fairy Bottom and Stormlily rose to that challenge and started the Teen Program which included classes targeting subjects that were of interest to the 12 and older crowd.  The chapel behind the dining hall became the Teen Space where they young adults could come and hang out, play games, watch movies, and be themselves in a safe, nurturing environment.  As the program grew, a teen swim and Rave dance were added to the line-up of activities. This year we are bringing in presenters with workshops aimed at today’s youth with subjects that are relevant to today’s young adult climate. Under Stormlily’s mentorship, we expect great things in the future from our young adults.

Here’s a peak at this year’s Young Adult presenter lineup!

Patty aka Stormlily

  • Let’s Get Vulgar *requires permission slip
  • Sexuality Today & It’s Effects on Youth *requires permission slip
  • Faith Under Fire (co presented by Danny) *requires permission slip

Danny Snook

  • A Magic Filled Night ($15 optional materials fee for sealed card packs)
  • Faith Under Fire (co presented by Patty) *requires permission slip
  • Teen Steampunk Dance

Joel Meredith

  • The Steampunk Aesthetic
  • The Ritual of Headgear
  • Nerf Larp (co presented by Erik) *requires permission slip
  • Teen Steampunk Dance (co presented by Danny)

Garret Garcia

  • Introduction into Leather-working

Jessie O

  • Three Sides to Suicide