Danny Snook

I have been on staff for many different events over the years doing various things here at Ramblewood. I have been working with children forever and am the proud father of several of my own. Among my skills is judging and running several different card games. One of which we will be playing this week. Also, I once beat Superman in a fist fight and then out ran the Flash.

A Magic Filled Night by Danny

Come play some Magic The Gathering with us. If you have a deck then come test it’s might. We will also be running some small sealed, draft style games. To join the sealed games, there will be a $15 charge for the cards.

Faith Under Fire by Patty and Danny

This will be an open forum discussion with its main focus on stories and experiences from the teens when their faith has been under fire and called into question. How they handled it? How did this effect them emotionally? Were those opposing you looking for friendly debate or was their intent to convert you to their way of thinking? Permission form must be signed to attend this class

Teen Steam Punk Dance by Danny and Joel

All teens come to the Steampunk themed dance. Dance the night away with your friends to some great music. Bring your own Steampunk garb if you have it. We will also be holding various workshops to create your own to wear or to compliment what you already have. Music requests are welcomed, please find Danny to see if he can get the songs you are looking for.