Joel (Lynks) Meredith

I have been staff at FSG for several years as setup and quartermaster. I am an Eagle Scout with experience in teaching Native American crafts and lore and running program areas at scout camps and events. I also have experience in ritual work and studies.

The Steampunk Aesthetic by Joel-

This is a two part workshop encompassing both art and history.

Discussion – We will begin by understanding what Steampunk is along by reviewing the historical facts and fiction this art form is based on including scientific discovery and spiritualism.

Art – There will be several projects to choose from including vambrace, handbag, and decorated box. All material will be provided including gauges and gears. If you wish to bring other bits to add to your project that is encouraged but not required.

The Rituals of Headgear by Joel-

This is a two part workshop encompassing both art and history.

Discussion – We will talk about how hats and head coverings are used in rituals both spiritual and mundane.

Art – We will be making “top hats” or “musketeer” hats out of poster board. Materials to decorate the hats with modpodge and/or cloth which will be available. Also, if people want to bring stuff to decorate their hats that is encouraged. The pattern I am using is one that I have made ritual hats and cosplay hats out of.

Nerf Larp by Joel and Erik – Saturday 10 am to Noon

This will be a group activity involving role play and problem solving, set in a Steampunk environment. Nerf guns will be allowed (with limits). Think live action Dungeons and Dragons with NERF combat. Solving a short quest. Feel free to bring your own NERF guns but will be limited to 6 shot guns. Reloading is ok. See Joel for approval. Permission form must be signed to attend this class

Teen Steam Punk Dance by Danny and Joel

All teens come to the Steampunk themed dance. Dance the night away with your fiends to some great music. Bring your own Steampunk garb if you have it. We will also be holding various workshops to create your own to wear or to compliment what you already have. Music requests are welcomed, please find Danny to see if he can get the songs you are looking for.