Firesong (Eshu Akoni) is a priestess and Pathway initiate at the Universal Temple of Spirits, a Global Spirits pantheistic trance possession temple. Called the “human iPod”, she is a versatile classically trained soprano, as well as a professional teacher, artist, herbalist, and experienced gardener.

Firesong conducts The Voices of the Seasons Ensemble, Global Spirits services, and is cast in several opera and recital productions. She recorded several teaching CDs of traditional chants and is the author of Global Spirits: Philosophies and Practices.

The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. It is a possession-based working. The celebrations welcome all Spirits from around the Globe in friendship. Rituals are theme-based rather than pantheon-based and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition.

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The Energies of Herbs

The tastes and energetics of herbs is a system of Herbalism that can be useful when preparing balanced herbal medicines. Explore the 10 taste categories of herbs and energies such as dry, moist, warm, and cool and learn how to combine them.  We will also sample different herbs.  Handouts will be available. Tin Can A, Saturday 3:00 pm

Tea: Magic, Medicine, & Taste

Enhance your cuppa experience by blending your own teas. In this hands-on workshop, learn about the different tea bases and additives, such as fruits, spices, and herbs.  We will have some discussion of tea customs and tea leaf divination, medicinal blends and recipes for enjoyment.  Participants will have the opportunity to create custom teas.  We will sample some pre-made teas and try our skills at tasseomancy.  Bring your own cup, if you wish.

Tin Can A, Thursday 1:30 pm