Gwaeron/Craig Setti- Pourer

Wiccan Five Parts of Self Sweat
This beginner-friendly lodge is based on Wiccan principles and the model of five parts of self, corresponding to the Five Traditional Elements: Air/Mind, Fire/Will, Water/Heart, Earth/Body and Spirit. A sweat is an ordeal ritual of transformation, of death and rebirth, and this lodge is specifically for self-work. Come prepared to delve deeply: we will be giving away that which we no longer need, and asking for what we need and want going into our new lives, in the framework of the Elements. This lodge is beginner friendly, and it will be as hot as it needs to be. Please bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YAs may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (For: All; Tradition: Seelie Court with training ties to Sun Bear; Heat: Hot; Herbs used: Can vary; will use alternatives to ones folks are allergic to; Ages 15+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up)) Sweats, Friday 1:30 pm