Helen Pattskyn

Helen Barbara Pattskyn came to neo-Paganism in 1989 and has been an active member of the SE Michigan Pagan community ever since. Having attended FSG for the past couple of years, she is excited to be in teaching here this year. In addition to being a Shamanic practitioner, rune-worker, and a witch, she is also an artist, an author, a wife and a mom. Her email address is thylacine.yawn@gmail.com

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is more than sitting, your legs bent pretzel-like, chanting OM. Those techniques work, and we’ll practice them (pretzel-legs optional). But we’ll also talk about moving meditation, meditation while gardening, walking in the woods, or even doing the dishes. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, and blindfold if you’re inclined. Additionally, we will cover techniques in grounding, centering, and shielding. Labyrinth, Wednesday 1:30 pm

Pragmatic Planetary Magic(k)

Planetary Magic(k) can be a complicated affair—or it can be simple and down to earth. As a witch, I prefer the latter and came up with a way it so! We won’t be summoning angels or genii, but rather looking at and working with planetary energy on a pragmatic level and learning how to harness that energy into everyday life.

Basketball Court Pavilion, Friday 1:30 pm

The Arte and Craft of Spell-work

What is magic and how does it work? How do we craft spells that net results? What are some of the common ways we sabotage our own work? Let’s talk about ways to sharpen your intent, focus your energy, and draw on Elemental correspondences to make your spell-work more effective. Tin Can, Saturday 3:00 pm

Introduction to Shamanic Journey Work

Nearly every native culture in the world practices—or has practiced in the past—something that we would call “Shamanism.” At its most basic level, Shamanism teaches us how to connect with the spirits of the Earth and with our ancestors. In this brief, introductory class, we will discuss what Shamanism is and learn and practice some basic techniques for connecting to the spirit world through meditation, journeywork, and drumming. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, and blindfold if you’re inclined. Labyrinth, Thursday 1:30 pm

Seven Chakras, or The Marrying Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology and Magic (lecture and meditation)

A lot has been written about the chakras in the last hundred years. Some of it is good, some of it is murky. Some of it is awful. Let’s cut through the awful, clear up the murky, and talk about how we, as modern Westerners, can adopt and adapt an ancient Eastern system in a way that works for us.  Labyrinth, Saturday 10:30 am