Laughing Coyote

Laughing Coyote is what happens when a young Jersey girl moves to the Southwest desert with a wide-open head full of trickster potential.  They are a combination of spiritual guide, teacher, and pot-stirrer, which together add up to shamanic practitioner.  They have been speaking about spooky spirit matter to groups of interested people since 2008 and facilitating shamanic healing since 2012.

Stealing Fire

Why are tricksters necessary?  Variations on the trickster have been found all around the world and throughout time, from the crazy wisdom of the Buddha to the antics of Coyote to the blockbuster sensation of Loki.  How can agents of amorality (or immorality) teach us to be contributing members to society?  Can assuming a trickster point of view truly explain why bad things happen to good people?  (Hint:  Define “bad” and “good” and see how far you get.) Basketball Court Pavilion, Wednesday 3:30 pm

What Next?

Why are tricksters necessary?  Everyone has a question about the next step on their spiritual journey, from “Where do I start?” to “What is my spirit guide trying to communicate with the rainbow feather in the oak tree under the full moon?”  Together, we’ll pool our experience in this workshop and help each person with whatever they’re pondering as well as revel in the synchronicities that emerge when we share this kind of conversation.

Basketball Court Pavilion, Thursday 3:30 pm