Hugh Eckert

Bio: Hugh has been a Pagan for more than thirty years; he was at the very first Free Spirit Gathering and has attended almost every one since.  He is an eclectic Polytheist and member of the Universal Temple of Spirits, a celebratory and devotional group working in the Global Spirits trance-possessory tradition.  He has been awarded a Certificate of Continuing Education (with a concentration in Text, Tradition and Interpretation) from Cherry Hill Seminary.  He writes poetry, reviews books for Witches and Pagans magazine, and reads a lot.  A book of his poetry- “The Words Swim, Waiting”- is available on  His blog can be found at

Paying The Rents (with Sundance)

Manannán mac Lir is a sea god most honored in Ireland and the Isle of Man; ‘Mac Lir’ means “son of the sea”. As well as being a sea god, He is a psychopomp and a gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannán has strong ties to the Isle of Man, and at Midsummer, the Manx people offer bundles of reeds, meadow grasses and yellow flowers to Him in a ritual “paying of the rent,” accompanied with prayers for His aid and protection in fishing. We will gather at the lake and connect with each other and with Him. We’ll sing for Manannán and make offerings of reeds, grasses and flowers. We will ask for His protection and thank Him for His gifts. If you wish, you may bring your own biodegradable offerings. Lower Fire Circle, Saturday 3:00 pm