Joshua is a massage therapist, a Shiatsu practitioner, a yoga instructor, and in service to Raven Kaldera.

Morning Yoga

Part 1, Gentle Warmup: Have you been sleeping on the ground, or on a tiny cot? Then greet the new day with some gentle stretches, to get your body and your energy moving. No experience with yoga is needed. The class is appropriate for nearly all fitness levels, and can be done standing, seated in a chair, or sitting/laying on the ground, whichever you prefer. (You might want to bring a mat or small blanket if you are on the ground.) Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. We’ll start with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20 minutes of gentle movement and stretching, and we will end with a short meditation.

Part 2, Energizing: Join us for a short but vigorous practice of the yoga “Sun Salutation,” combined with other standing poses, for strength and flexibility. A variety of options will be presented for different fitness levels—including some challenging ones—but at a minimum, the class will involve getting up and down from an all-fours position. We will begin with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20 minutes of Sun Salutations, and we will finish with breathing exercises. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, and either bare feet or grippy, flexible shoes.

Join us for either part of this class or both, but be aware that if you’re just coming for part 2, you’ll need to be warmed up and ready to jump right in. Dance Pavilion, Every Morning 9:00 am