I have been an intuitive energy worker my whole life, but started formal training in 2009 by learning Reiki I and psychic healing from FSG workshops. I am presently certified in Reiki III, and also have training in shamanic journey work and soul retrieval. I’ve spent the past several years practicing, refining, and honing my techniques, and feel guided to share what I’ve learned with the community.

Energy Works I – Grounding and Shielding
I personally consider Grounding and Shielding to be the foundational skills for anyone and everyone who works with energy. Grounding is a technique where we form an energetic link with Mother Earth, Herself, to help us cleanse, purify, and strengthen our personal energies. Shielding is a technique for keeping external energies out of our own energy. When it comes to working with energy, keeping your own energy as clear of external “contamination” as possible is critical, which makes these skills very important. For as simple as these concepts may sound, not all people know how to ground well, and even a number of seasoned energy workers are not skilled with building and maintaining good shields. This workshop offers tips, guidance, and practical exercises for beginners and experts alike.

Healer’s Pavilion, Wednesday 10:30 am

Energy Works II – The Basics and Ethics

Another introductory level class, this workshop offers a general overview of what we mean when we talk about “energy work”. We will learn how to sense, move, and manipulate energy. Once you have an understanding on working with your own energy, we will step into sensing, moving, and manipulating the energy of others. We will also discuss the very important issue of ethics when doing energy work with, for, and on, other people. Otherwise, the work we intend to do might not simply fail, but have effects beyond even the most noble of intentions.

Healer’s Pavilion, Thursday 10:30 am

Energy Works III – Putting Energy to Work

In this intermediate-level class, we get into the nitty-gritty of actually “doing things” with energy. This workshop for those who have either taken my first two classes, and/or already have a solid understanding of the basics of energy work. We will not only discuss some of the applications for more advanced energy work, but techniques for doing them. The topics we will try to touch on are: building wards; empowering spells and rituals; cleansing and programming crystals; tapping outside energy sources; and energy constructs. There is one topic we will *not* get into, as that is reserved for its own workshop…  Healer’s Pavilion, Friday 10:30 am

Energy Works IV – Energy Healing

This is an advanced workshop which covers the use of energy for healing work. Many energy workers are drawn to healing, but there are very real risks when this type of work is not done properly. Once we all have a shared understanding of those risks, we will learn and practice some basic techniques.  Healer’s Pavilion, Saturday 10:30 am