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Still just me…. Witch, Geek, Freak, Reiki Master Teacher, Priestess, Minister, Counselor, Coach, Healer, Author, Cook, Performer, Dreamer, Builder, Druid’s Wife, Cat Mommy, Detroit and Jersey, Music and Mayhem, Above and Below.  Blessed Be.

Earthbound:  Staying Grounded at Festival – and Life
If this is your first pagan festival or if life is challenging you right now, this class is a must. Whether you are feeling disconnected, crazed and fearful in life, or just energetically sideways from a ritual at FSG, Grounding is necessary for balance and health.  In Magickal work, and in your mundane life, we all need connection and quiet – stay in the moment, turn down the volume and just BE.  If you are new to Free Spirit or Pagan work, Grounding will help you get the most out of your experience.  Both practical and Magickal, there is something here for everyone.  Open to all levels of experience. Bring a comfy chair, your notebook and an open spirit.  Healer’s Pavilion, Friday 1:30 pm

Grief Healing Circle

We all have loss in our lives, of many kinds and FSG is no exception when we lose several of our Family of Choice in a short span of time, as has happened (again) this past year. This gathering will focus on the passing beyond the veil of anyone who has been dear to you, including animal companions. It does not matter if the loss is fresh or from decades past.

***Important: as I was unable to attend last year, please also bring losses from 2016-2017, as well – or any loss from your past. All are welcome.***

We will be building an altar to honor The Mighty Dead, and send them our love. This can be members of the FSG community (please message me if you would like someone honored from our tribe), Elders who shaped your Path and you admired (Margo Adler, Joseph Campbell, Tolkien perhaps), any family, friends, teachers or non-human creatures who have crossed over. Bring pictures or any mementoes you see fit.

This is both a remembrance and a chance for healing advice. We will make a Circle and send them intentions. We will have call-outs to those we think of spontaneously. If anyone is having challenges or triggers regarding a loss, we will have time for those, as well. Both Pagan and Mundane support will be discussed.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Grief Expert, I can address any challenges you may have had or be having in moving forward, dealing with difficult friends/family or conflicting emotions that may arise. My book on the first week of Grief & Loss will also be available. Loss changes you – and Free Spirit is an excellent occasion to get new tools to help you adjust to those changes.

This class may be intense for kids – use your discretion…..  Tin Can, Friday 10:30 am