Mark the Druid has been a practicing pagan since 1996, with a background in Celtic, Wicca and Norse traditions. He has also been a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids since 2004. His professional background is in the Geosciences at New Jersey City University. He is also president of North Jersey Astronomical Group conducting public astronomy outreach, and also contributes his work to David Levy’s Sharing the Sky Foundation.

Astronomy Observing

Come learn about the heavens as Mark the Druid takes you on a tour from our home, the Earth Mother, out into the depths of the universe. An 8 inch telescope will guide us on our journey. We will have a relatively dark sky, as The Moon will be absent at that time. Even if you have joined us before, every year and every night is different!

Three bright planets will be on display this evening! Bright Venus in her twilight glory will be low in the west exhibiting a gibbous phase (early). Jupiter will be in the southern sky, which will allow us to observe his cloud belts, as well the movement of the famous four Galilean moons. In the southeast, we will view Saturn, his rings & some of his larger moons (late after 11:30).  We will exit our solar system, discuss some of the constellations, and their significance.

Further out will be the Ring and Dumbbell Planetary Nebulae, which are the ghosts of stars long passed, and also the Hercules Globular Cluster. Finally, we will gaze millions of light years away to view the famous Whirlpool Galaxy, as well as Bode’s Galaxy. With a clear night, who knows what we might find?

Kids are welcome!

Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 pm to Midnight. (Skies permitting; if it is clear there will be viewing, if both days are cloudy, rain date is Friday.) Location: Soccer field across from the Tin Can. Please do NOT bring a regular flashlight, it will ruin your night vision and interfere with everyone else’s! Red lights only.