Peggy first sweated in 1987 at Rainbow Gathering, & began working sweat fire approximately 16 years ago, here in the sweat village at Camp Ramblewood. There was an initiation by the Earth when, during a staff-only sweat here at FSG, lightning struck nearby and we all got shocked. Peggy learned to pour sweats under the mentorship of Mary Tyrtle Rooker, after having been surprisingly handed the dipper to pour a round during a sweat in the hills of Maryland. She’s served stones for at least 5 different sweat traditions, and been studying this worldwide therapeutic practice for a few years.

Some of Peggy’s medicine is music/master guitarist/harmony/communal woven song, some is as water pourer after years loving firekeeping. Peggy wishes to be more like a tree. She began pouring public sweats 6 years ago and is initiated in various spiritual traditions, her favorite being core shamanism.

The Lightening-Struck Tree Sweat
Beginner-friendly sweat. Just as a lightning-struck tree has mixed the elements, so too does a sweat ritual. The medicine of entering a hut within the Earth and praying/singing together in the dark, surrounded by steam, is powerful healing. Lightning- Struck Tree is a wounded and healed being’s incarnation as water pourer. A tree can become shredded by a lightning strike, but the same trauma to a human can be a transformative event. Our spirits morph, and healing makes us stronger and more useful to the world than we were before our ordeal. Our circle will create a sphere, just as the sweat dome is a sphere (of which we only see half). Inside here lies healing. This purification ceremony will be gentle, with hot spikes, and it will help us tend to our necessary healing. Women on their moon are welcome. Please eat lightly beforehand; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YAs may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (For: All; Tradition: Celtic Shamanic Pagan; Heat: Moderate; Herbs used: Osha root and white sage; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up)) Sweats, Saturday 10:00 am