Raven Kaldera

Raven Kaldera is a Northern Tradition shaman, herbalist, astrologer, transgendered intersexual activist, homesteader, and founding member of the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel. He has been a practicing shaman for almost two decades now. He is the author of too many books to list here, including the Northern-Tradition Shamanism series, Drawing Down the Spirits and Talking to the Spirits (with Kenaz Filan), Neolithic Shamanism (with Galina Krasskova), Pagan Astrology, and Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.



Consent-Focused Ritual

Consent, and all its nuances, is now being discussed heavily in some areas of the Pagan demographic. How can we make our open group rituals more accessible, and how can we avoid inadvertently running over people’s boundaries? This class will discuss tips for making open rituals better for everyone, including strangers coming in for the first time.  Healer’s Pavilion, Saturday 5:00 pm

Six Ways of Being Pagan

So often in the Pagan demographic, we hear a lot of “You’re doing it wrong!” However, there are many paths of how to be religious, all of them worthy. In this class we’ll learn about Six Ways of Being Pagan – Sacred Rite, Right Action, Mystic Quest, Sacred Scholarship, Devotion, and Shamanic Mediation. What way is your favorite, and which ways confuse you … and make you think that someone is doing it wrong? How can each of them actually be done rightly and wrongly? Let’s learn about these different pathways and come to an appreciation of why they are all needed and valuable to the Gods and to our community.  Healer’s Pavilion, Saturday 3:00 pm

Gifts for the Divine: The Art Of Making Offerings

In ancient times, when people wanted something from a deity, they made an offering and asked. Today we are conflicted about whether it’s all right to ask for things, and whether we should pay a price for them, and what kind of a price is appropriate. The art of making offerings, however, can be a beautiful way to be in symbiotic relationship with the Gods. In this workshop we’ll discuss the issue of divine propitiation and share ideas for worthy offerings and what to do with them.  Healer’s Pavilion, Friday 3:30 pm

The Language of Omens: Connecting with Gods When You Can’t Hear Them

Many people complain that they can’t see or hear the Gods, and indeed that gift is not necessarily given to everyone. However, with time and devotion, it’s possible to work out a system of omens with the willing deities who are dear to you, and thus know that They are listening and communicating. This class will discuss how to develop a system of “walking omens” with Gods, and how to cross-check to know when a cigar is just a cigar and not a Sacred Sign.  Healer’s Pavilion, Thursday 1:30 pm 

Shiva Aghora: Eating with Lepers and Untouchables

Aghora is the aspect of the Hindu god Shiva who looks after lepers, untouchables, and anyone who is looked down upon in society. Who are your lepers and untouchables? (Think of that really, really annoying person you cringe to see.) We’ll be learning about the lepers and untouchables in our lives, and doing a small ritual to Shiva Aghora to help us find patience and compassion for them. We’ll also be asking Shiva Aghora for help when any of us become the lepers and untouchables every day in the world.  Healer’s Pavilion, Wednesday 3:30 pm