Richard Gates, Pourer

Richard studied Sun Bear sweat protocols with Diane Duggan in Delaware. He has poured different protocols at FSG and elsewhere off and on over the years. Richard is a student of shamanism and Wiccan traditions.

Renewal Sweat
Beginner-friendly lodge. Four to six rounds, depending on time and people. Rounds will release everything holding you back, ask for what you want, give gratitude for all that brought you here to make your life happen, and thank all the spirits, elements, and others who made your life possible. Please eat lightly beforehand; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YAs may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (For: All; Tradition: Pagan with Sun Bear influence; Heat: Moderate; Herbs used: Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, Osha Root; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up))  Sweats, Friday 10:00 am