Sundance Metelsky is an existential shamanic mystic who has been walking the shamanic path since 1992. She has studied with Rena Yount, Tom Cowan, Nan Moss, David Corbin, Dana Robinson, Adam Davis, Mary Tyrtle Rooker, and with many helping spirits, seen and unseen. She is a member of the Universal Temple of Spirits (trance possession), the Sacred Women’s Circle (eclectic), and the Jungian Society of Washington. Her interests include dream and art explorations, deep diving in the psyche, shamanic work with the Spirits of the Land and Weather, and Celtic shamanism.

Paying the Rents- A Ritual for Manannán mac Lir (with Hugh Eckert)

Manannán mac Lir is a sea god most honored in Ireland and the Isle of Man; ‘Mac Lir’ means “son of the sea”. As well as being a sea god, He is a
psychopomp and a gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannán has strong ties to the Isle of Man, and at Midsummer, the Manx people offer bundles of reeds, meadow grasses
and yellow flowers to Him in a ritual “paying of the rent,” accompanied with prayers for His aid and protection in fishing. We will gather at the lake and
connect with each other and with Him. We’ll sing for Manannán and make offerings of reeds, grasses and flowers. We will ask for His protection and thank Him for His gifts.
If you wish, you may bring your own biodegradable offerings  Lower Fire Circle, Saturday 3:00 pm

Journey to the Celtic Otherworld

Caitlin Matthews’ book, “The Celtic Book of the Dead: A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld,” and the divination cards that accompany the book will be our guide for this class. This wonderful book explores the immram (mystical sea journey to the Otherworld) of the Irish hero, Maelduin, and the many islands he visits on his quest. Each island has its own set of beings and challenges that Maelduin and his crew must encounter and learn from. In our workshop, we will journey to one or two of these islands, with Manannan mac Lir, the great Celtic sea deity, as our guide for our own quest. This will be a Celtic-style shamanic journey and not a guided visualization. Previous journey experience is helpful but not required. Bring: something to sit on/lie on, eye covering, water, journal/paper, pen/pencil. Labyrinth, Friday 3:30 pm