Tyrtle’s cosmology is North European shamanism. Answering the call to healing and wholeness, manifesting non-dualistic realities, and transcending gender roles are central to Tyrtle’s vision. Her spiritual beliefs inform her political activism, which dates from the 1970s and includes a range of freedom, justice, and ecology movements. She calls her sweats “Stone Baths” in honor of her Anglo-Saxon/Germanic heritage. She worked sweats full-time within the Pagan community from 1995-2010 and has poured since 1996. A graduate of lengthy teacher trainings from Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom, she is authorized by them to teach. She has engaged shamanism since the early 1990s and has a shamanic healing and teaching practice in the D.C. area. Her Shamanic Healers’ School opened in 2007 and continues to offer training for healers, journeyers, and everyday life. See <http://www.shamanicspring.com/>

The 3 R’s of Healing: Women’s Stone Bath Sweat (Women Only)

Three-round sweat for women who want to hear themselves in a deep way in the presence of their helping spirits. Open prayer rounds for the 3 “R’s” of shamanic healing: Releasing, Restoring, and Reconnecting. No alcohol/drugs 24 hours before or after. Please be on time; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YA females may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (For: Women (on Moontime are welcome); Tradition: North European Shamanic; Heat: Moderate with Hot Spikes; Herbs used: Flower Petals, Osha Root, Mugwort, Bear Berry, Cedar, Piñon Pine (Please tell Tyrtle before we start if you’re allergic to any of these); Ages 15+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up)) Sweats, Friday 3:30 pm

Coming to Our Senses

Modern living has weakened much of our sensory abilities of sight, hearing, smell, and taste. How can we restore our senses while living in the modern world, and how might such restored senses transform our spiritual work? Labyrinth, Thursday 3:30 pm

Seven Pagan Reasons I’m Vegan (& Eat Insects)

Say whaaat? Even long-time vegans find my reasons surprising—and provocative. And no, “aw, how could you kill the cute fluffy bunny” is *not* one of the reasons; blood doesn’t scare me. Come and explore this Pagan approach to dietary choices. Non-vegans and non-insect-eaters are welcome! Come on, you *know* you’re curious.

Upper Fire Circle, Saturday 10:30 am