Sue, HPs of Portal of the Porcupine has been involved with the pagan world for over 20 years & has presented musical and sensuality workshops at FSG and other pagan festivals.  Working as an eclectic musical duo with Jon as ‘Wolfsong & Jonny’, both she & Jon have had many previous musical ‘incarnations’ before coming together romantically and musically in 2008. You may have seen/heard our lunchtime concerts at FSG in recent years.  We’re available for parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs in your home town!

The Music of Us

Each person has their own music in them, but when that music is combined with the music of others, something unique occurs–and that is ‘The Music of Us.

This workshop invites participants to bring their voices and/or their instruments, whether acoustic or electric, be they guitars, keyboard, wind instruments or percussion.

We start with a riff or rhythm contributed by one of the participants and one by one build on that with each person adding to the music. People may participate in a major fashion or simply clap to add their energy to the mix. It’s very free–if what happens inspires the people to dance–wonderful! If they just want to stomp their feet that’s fine, too! Prior musical experience is not at all mandatory.

We did this at Free Spirit Gathering in the past and it was amazing, but one never knows–the product could be melodious or cacophonous–what whatever happens, it will be the Music of Us–a combination of the consciousness and energies of everyone and a joyous experience!

Age range:  All ages should be fine. Kids are welcome if they have an attention span & can participate.

Dance Pavilion, Thursday 3:30 pm