We’ve put the workshop submission form on the website. It needs to be cut and pasted, filled out and sent to programming@freespiritgathering.org  If you’d prefer, email us and we’ll send you a copy for your convenience.  HURRY! Workshop submissions close March 31 in order for our scheduling department to do their magic!


  • Oops, this doesn’t look like the form–I may be too late. Here’s one of two, just in case. Sorry, been working on the sweat stuff instead of my own workshops!
    Title: Coming to Our Senses
    Description: Modern living has weakened much of our sensory abilities of sight, hearing, smell, and taste. How can we restore our senses while living in the modern world, and how might such restored senses transform our spiritual work?

    • …and here’s the second possible workshop.
      Title: Seven Pagan Reasons I’m Vegan (& Eat Insects)
      Description: Say whaaat? Even long-time vegans find my reasons surprising—and provocative. And no, “aw, how could you kill the cute fluffy bunny” is *not* one of the reasons; blood doesn’t scare me. Come and explore this Pagan approach to dietary choices. Non-vegans and non-insect-eaters are welcome! Come on, you *know* you’re curious.

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